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Attached ADU Title 24 Reports / ADU Title 24 Energy calculation

Attached ADU or JADU: ADU Connected to the existing dwelling / have common wall, ceiling or floor with existing dwelling

• "ADU Addition": newly constructed ADU or existing unconditioned space [ like attached garage, basement, etc ] converted to ADU
• "ADU Alteration": previously conditioned space converted to ADU [ usually part of existing living area]
• "ADU Addition+Alteration": newly constructed space added to previously conditioned space

Attached ADU facts:
• NO solar PV requirements
• existing walls and extensions of existing walls excepted from rigid insulation requirements if insulation r15 or more proposed
• All ADU /as new dwelling units/ must meet IAQ [ Indoor Air Quality] ventilation requirements regardless of size. No exceptions.

ADU "addition" examples:
• A new ADU is built sharing a common wall with an existing home
• Converting an existing attached unconditioned garage to an ADU

ADU "alteration" examples:
• Converting existing conditioned space, like conditioned basement, into ADU or junior ADU
• Converting existing living rooms to ADU or JADU

ADU "alteration+addition" examples:
• Converting existing living rooms to ADU + new living area built
• Converting existing living rooms to ADU + converting of garage

Other ADU Scenarios:
Detached ADU
Newly constructed ADU
  title 24 ADU
ADU, Junior ADU and all other Secondary units must meet Energy Code:
Energy Calculations / Title 24 forms need to be submitted to enforcement agencies with Building permit applications


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