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Title 24 energy compliance methods To comply with the low-rise Residential Standards, a building must be shown to meet two basic requirements:

1. Installation of Mandatory Measures.

2. Demonstrate that the buildings predicted annual energy consumption is no greater than the designated energy budget for heating, cooling and water heating.

There are two Energy Compliance methods in California:
Prescriptive and Performance.

Prescriptive Title 24 energy compliance
The prescriptive requirements are organized by packages. The prescriptive path is simple but inflexible.

Performance Title 24 compliance
The performance energy compliance method is an alternative to the prescriptive requirements. Approved computer programs model a house with the features of Package D to determine the space conditioning and water heating budgets. The performance path allows trade-offs between different building components (wall, roof, windows, infiltration, equipment, etc.), as long as the overall building energy consumption is shown to be within the maximum allowable values of kBTU/sq. ft.

We use Prescriptive and Performance Title 24 compliance methods for
Residential and Non-Residential Reports

  With either the prescriptive or performance compliance paths, there are mandatory measures that must always be installed.  
  / Source: Title 24 Residential Compliance Manual /  
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