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Newly constructed ADU / Secondary units: New ADU building

New ADU facts:
Exception to PV/solar requirements [ New in Standards-2022 ]
• • Exception 1: ADU Solar Access Roof Area less than 80 contiguous sq ft
• • Exception 2: No PV system is required when the minimum ADU PV system is less than 1.8 kWdc
• • Exception 3: ADU roof has Excessive snow loads
• • Exception 4: ADU approved by local planning dept prior to 01/01/2020

Exception to Electric Water Heater [ New in Standards-2022 ]
• • An electric instantaneous water heater with point-of-use distribution is allowed in new dwelling units [ including ADUs ] of up to 500 ft2 conditioned floor area

New ADU examples:
• New building, detached from the existing home
• New ADU attached to existing home by breezeway or covered walkway

Other ADU Scenarios:
Attached ADU
Detached ADU
  title 24 ADU
New ADU and all other Secondary units must meet Energy Code:
Energy Calculations / Title 24 forms need to be submitted to enforcement agencies with Building permit applications

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