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What is Title 24 energy compliance
Energy compliance documentation [ Title 24 Reports ] required at the building permit phase. It must be submitted to your local California Building Department.

Energy efficiency reduces energy costs, increases reliability and availability of electricity, improves building occupant comfort, and reduces impacts to the environment making standards important and necessary for California’s energy future.

All new buildings, alterations, additions and commercial buildings in California must comply with the Building Energy Efficiency Standards according Title 24, Part 6 of California Code of Regulation.
   Title24EZ provides Title 24 energy compliance calculations and Title 24 reports [energy compliance certificates] for commercial and residential projects:
• New constructions
• Additions
• Alterations
Secondary units: "ADU", "ADQ", "in-law unit", "granny flat", "studio", etc.

   Performing Title 24 Calculation and generating Title 24 Reports using software, certified by California Energy Commission, guarantee the accuracy and acceptance of your Title 24 report. We work with architects, engineers, builders and home-owners to achieve energy efficiency for building in order to comply with state energy compliance and standard requirements.

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