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Title 24 Reports

Title 24 report CF-1R
Title24EZ offering Title 24 energy calculation services throughout the state of California. We specialize in Title 24 Reports and provide a Title 24 Compliance Certificates for California projects, including:

• Non-Residential [ commercial ] new construction
• Non-Residential [ commercial ] additions and remodels
• Residential new construction
• Residential additions and remodels

How to order Title 24 Report

Just send us your drawings, using our e-mail in AutoCad DWG, DXF or PDF format. Provide other information regarding your project.
Your Title 24 Report
Title 24 report will be e-mailed to you in PDF and TIF (easy to embed into AutoCad drawings) formats.
You'll receive a set of required Title 24 compliance forms:

Residential: • CF-1R
  • Mandatory-2013
Non-Residential: • PERF-1
  • ENV
  • LTG
  • OLTG
  • SLTG
  • MECH
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