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Title 24 Calculation process

  We use Prescriptive and Performance methods for Title 24 calculations. Performance modeling is relatively complex, but flexible and allows tradeoffs among measures and most end uses.

Performance Title 24 calculations benefits:

• Flexibility
• Tradeoffs among features
• Credits for going beyond code

Title 24 calculations steps:

- Get information from plans
- Get information from client

• Fenestration (Existing/New/Altered/Removed Windows and Skylights ):

- use proposed U-factor and SHGC

• if not provided:
- default U-factor and SHGC

• if building doesn't comply:
- prescriptive requirement

- DHW (Domestic Hot Water) and HVAC

- use proposed

• if not provided
- default

• if building doesn't comply:
- prescriptive requirement

- same with Walls / Roofs / Floors

- Perform Title 24 energy calculations

• We use CBECC and Energy Pro - software programs, certified by California Energy Commission, for title 24 Calculation. It guarantees the accuracy and acceptance of your Title 24 compliance report in any City in California

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