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2019 Building Energy Efficiency Standards and Compliance requirements

Effective January 1, 2020
  The Impact of the 2019 Title 24 Standards on energy calculation process  
  CF-1R registration

• Starting with 2013 Title 24 Standards, the CEC [ California Energy Commission ] introduced new mandatory testing requirements related to HVAC system and IAQ fans.
• The California Energy Commission requires any Title 24 report, that are subject to HERS (Home Energy Rating Systems) testing, to have the CF-1R registered with an approved HERS provider.
• If your project has any measures that require testing, the CF-1R must be registered.

What is the process for CF-1R registration?

1. For registration with HERS provider, Prepared Title 24 Report should be uploaded to the HERS provider's web site:

2. The Documentation Author (we) and Project Designer ( Owner, Builder, etc.- click for details) need to sign energy report digitally on the HERS provider web site - please, establish an account with CHEERS (free of charge):

  - Home Owners - Home Owner account ( "owner-builder" - for new construction, "owner installer" - for all other )
  - All other (Architects, Designers, Builders)  - appropriate account [ if no licence - "energy consultant or a designer" ]

Who signs energy compliance documents?

• The documentation author (we) and responsible person (client) must sign the Energy Compliance Certificate(s) [ Title 24 energy report(s) ]. Please, see California Energy Commission (CEC) Blueprint for details.

  Garages and Basements

Unconditioned attached garages and basements are included in Energy calculation according 2019 Title 24 Standards. Please, provide dimensions.

Standard Building Design 2019

CEC introduced new Standard Building Design [please, check for new requirements]:

- for Single Family: Low-rise Residential Component Package A - 2019 [ Table 150.1-A ]
- for Multi-Family:   Low-rise Residential Component Package A - 2019 [ Table 150.1-B ]

  Standard 2019 Residential MANDATORY MEASURES SUMMARY / former MF-1R Form /:

2019 Low-Rise Residential Mandatory
  Standard 2019 Glossary

2019 Glossary
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