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How to order Non-Residential / Commercial Title 24 Energy Compliance Certificates online
ENV /LTI / LTO / LTS / MECH / etc.

  Residential Title 24 reports: CF-1R + MF-1R
ADU Title 24 energy reports

  title 24 non-residential commercial report  
  Non-residential / commercial Energy Compliance Certificates triggers  
  Proposed work     Triggers       Notes
New construction

• Any new building

• Directly and Indirectly conditioned space must meet Envelope, Indoor Lighting and Mechanical requirements

• Unconditioned space must meet Indoor Lighting requirements only

• Outdoor Lighting and Signs must meet Outdoor Lighting requirements
• Any change to a building that increases conditioned floor area and volume
• Any space being converted from unconditioned to conditioned space
• Any new Indoor Lighting in Unconditioned spaces or Outdoor Lighting or Signs

  Any change that is not an addition:

• Water heating system
• Space conditioning system
• Indoor Lighting system
• Outdoor Lighting system
• Envelope


1. Send us your drawings, using our e-mail:  energy@title24ez.com

• Attach drawings to your e-mail:
- preferred drawings formats: DWG or DXF (AutoCad)
- other accepted formats: PDF, JPG, GIF, etc.
- files can be compressed into zip or rar file to make them smaller.

What we need for Non-residential / commercial energy calculations:

• Scope of work: New Construction/Remodel/Addition, New Windows/Floor/Roof, etc.
• Plan(s) of Permitted space including directly and indirectly conditioned, and unconditioned space
• Occupancy type(s)
• Project name and address
• Project Designer / Lighting Designer / Mechanical Designer name, address, phone

- Envelope
• Floor plan(s) - Existing and Proposed - with all existing, removed, altered and new Exterior Walls, Windows, Skylights and Doors dimensions [ see sample T24 plans ]
• Elevation Views
• Orientation of Building (North arrow)
• Average ceiling heights
• Floor: Raised with Crawlspace or Raised without Crawlspace (<18” above grade) or Slab-on-grade
• Roof: with Attic or Cathedral

- Lighting
• Floor plan with:
  • windows dimensions
  • size of each enclosed space (sq. ft.)
  • occupancy (office, dining, restroom, etc.) of each enclosed space

• Reflected ceiling plan (RCP) with:
  • Fixture(s) details (max. Watts)
  • Lamp(s) details (type, length, Watts)
  • Ballast(s) types (rapid, instant start, high output, electronic, etc.)

- Mechanical
• Heating and Cooling Equipment details (optional for existing)
• Hot Water System details (optional for existing)
• Ventilation System details (optional for existing)

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