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ADU Title 24 Reports / Energy Calculation for projects in Lockeford, California

Secondary units: ADU, ADQ, in-law unit, granny flat, studio, etc. New constructions, Additions, Alterations

What is an ADU?

• An Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) is a residential unit that can be added to a lot with an existing single-family home or multi-family development.
ADUs can be located in a few different places, either detached (such as a separate building in a backyard), attached to a part of the primary residence as an addition, or be converted from an existing garage or other part of the primary residence.
ADUs are independent rental units that have their own kitchens, bathrooms, and entrances.
ADUs have many names:
- accessory apartments
- secondary suites
- in-law unit
- granny flat
- studio
- carriage house
- etc.
  title 24 ADU
What is a JADU?
• A Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit (JADU) is a part of an existing single-family home that is re-purposed as a private dwelling by incorporating a small kitchen and separate entrance.
• The difference between a JADU and ADU is that JADUs must be located within the existing primary residence and be no greater than 500 square feet in size.
• JADUs require owner occupancy either in the primary residence or accessory unit.
ADUs and Junior ADUs Must meet Energy Code: Energy Calculations / Title 24 forms need to be submitted to enforcement agencies with Building permit applications
Common ADU Title 24 report's scenarios
Attached ADU or JADU [ ADU Connected to the existing dwelling ] may show compliance with Title 24 energy requirements as:
• "ADU Addition": newly constructed ADU or existing unconditioned space [ like attached garage, basement, etc ] converted to ADU
• "ADU Alteration": previously conditioned space converted to ADU [ usually part of existing living area]
• "ADU Addition+Alteration": newly constructed space added to previously conditioned space

Detached ADU [Separated from the existing dwelling]
• "Newly constructed ADU": ADU built from the ground up
• "ADU Addition": newly conditioned space [ garage conversion to ADU, workshop conversion to ADU, pool hose conversion to ADU, etc.]

How to order Title 24 Energy Report ( form CF-1R) for ADU / JADU in Lockeford online

  1. Send us your drawings, using our e-mail:  energy@title24ez.com

• Attach drawings to your e-mail:
- preferred drawings formats: PDF
- other accepted formats: DWG, DXF (AutoCad), JPG, GIF, PNG, etc. - files can be compressed into zip or rar file to make them smaller.

What we need for ADU's energy calculations:

• Scope of work: is ADU new construction or conversion of existing structure?
• will natural gas be available in ADU?
• what is the conditioned floor area (CFA)/living space of ADU?
• Floor plan(s) - Existing and Proposed (if applicable) - with all existing, removed, altered and new Exterior Walls, Windows and Doors dimensions [ see sample T24 plans ]
• Elevation Views (optional)
• Orientation of Building (North arrow)
• Average ceiling height
• Floor: Raised with Crawlspace or Raised without Crawlspace (<18 inches above grade) or Slab-on-grade
• Roof: with Attic or Cathedral

• Heating and Cooling Equipment details:
-- What type of system will the ADU have: gas/electric Split/Packaged A/C System / mini-split Heat Pump / central Heat Pump / wall heater / etc.?

• Hot Water System details:
-- tank / instantaneous / water heater heat pump?
-- gas /electric?
-- existing [ from main house, etc] / new for ADU?

• Project name and address
• Project designer name, address, phone (can be owner)

* You will receive confirmation e-mail within minutes

2. We will contact you after reviewing your project
  Most ADUs TITLE 24 REPORTS in Lockeford are delivered 1~2 business days  
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